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   Introducing the new Sahara Slate PC® i500 Tablet PCs

   Tablet mobility. PC Productivity. No compromises.

While a great step foward, performance and compatibility are only part of the story. This new generation of Sahara Slate PC also features a sunlight enhanced, outdoor readable, LCD display that intelligently auto-switches between a Wacom active digitizer (pen) and a touch screen. This means you can choose to use a stylus pen for highly accurate handwriting recognition, and then seamlessly zip around your desktop with a simple flick, tap, or swipe of your finger. Using a Tablet PC has never been easier or more productive.

Additionally, as enterprise-class devices, these slate-style Sahara Slate PC® i500 Tablet PCs are durable enough to be used everyday, all day, without the extra careful handling that typical consumer-grade tablet devices demand. Sahara Slate PC i500 Tablet PCs also feature a product life-cycle that is 2 - 3 times longer than a typical consumer-grade PC so you don't have to worry about availability or consistency over the duration of your business projects. And of course, as always, all Sahara Slate PC i500 Tablet PCs are backed by TabletKiosk's three stages of quality control and world-class customer support provided by our knowlegable and courteous in-house staff.

Ultimate Processor Performance

Fasten your seat belts. The Intel® Core™ i7 low voltage mobile processor delivers unmatched processing technology for intelligent performance for the most demanding tasks, such as creating digital video and crunching large spreadsheets. It provides two complete execution cores in a single processor package. It's like having two CPUs in one computer. Two dedicated physical cores help operating systems and applications deliver additional performance, so users can experience better multitasking and multithreaded performance across many types of applications and workloads.

2 Cores x 2 Threads = 4x the Productivity

We're talking about Intel® Hyper-Threading on the Intel® Core i7 processor. Hyper-threading delivers two processing threads per physical core for a total of four threads for major computational throughput. With Intel HT Technology, highly threaded applications can get more work done in parallel, completing tasks sooner. With more threads available to the operating system, multitasking becomes even easier. This amazing processor can handle multiple applications working simultaneously, allowing you to do more in less time.

Compute in Overdrive with Turbo Boost

Intel® Turbo Boost dynamically increases the processor's operating frequency (clock speed) when needed by taking advantage of thermal and power headroom when operating below specified limits. This means you get more performance automatically, when you need it the most. With Turbo Boost, the Intel Core i7 mobile processor in the Sahara Slate PC i500 adapts to provide the right amount of processing power for the task at hand, giving you more time and flexibility. Whether you're folding proteins, processing large financial spreadsheets or just updating your LinkedIn status, the Intel Core i7 mobile processor will deliver the performance that matches your on-the-go needs.

Real PC Productivity with
Genuine Microsoft® Windows® 7

Genuine Microsoft® Windows® 7 is the easiest, fastest and most tablet-friendly version of Windows yet. Better ways to find and manage files such as Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews help you speed through everyday tasks. Improved handwriting recognition, speech recognition and expanded tool-tip functionality for touch as well as pen based input makes using a Tablet PC easier and more efficient than ever before. Faster and more reliable performance means your Tablet PC works just the way you want it to. And great features like Windows® Media Center and Windows® Touch make new things possible.

Windows® 7 brings full desktop PC compatibility to the Tablet PC platform with full application support for a wide range of software applications. Run all the software you use on your desktop PC on a Tablet PC that you can take anywhere. Microsoft® Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010, Internet Explorer 9, Intuit® Quickbooks Pro, Adobe Photoshop® CS5.5 and more. Running Windows 7, you'll never need to spend your time shopping around for ways to get work done with apps.

Windows® 7 Professional provides a powerful combination of innovation and improved performance, delivering the Tablet PC experience that customers want. Designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses, Windows® 7 Professional is fast, reliable, and enables effortless and a more secure connection to company networks with Domain Join. Windows® 7 Ultimate adds multiple language support and the added protection of BitLocker full drive data encryption to all that Windows® 7 Professional has to offer. Windows® 7 Ultimate is the smart choice for multinational or security sensitive corporations. Get to know Windows® 7, and see how it can simplify everything you do with your Tablet PC.

Mind Boggling Remote Capabilities with vPro™

Sahara Slate PCs powered by Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processors come with built-in hardware capabilities for enhanced security and remote manageability. With Intel® vPro™ technology, you can power on an entire PC fleet to update a virus patch or remotely diagnose and repair PCs out-of-band (OOB), even if the OS is inoperable. You can also disable lost PCs with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT), provide a computing foundation for desktop virtualization, or accelerate data encryption with Intel® AES-NI.

Enterprise Grade 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Networking

The Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), 2x2 adapter delivers up to 5x greater bandwidth (up to 300 Mbps depending on network infrastructure) compared to 54 Mbps 802.11 a/b/g solutions, extended range, more consistent connectivity and unique Intel features including Intel® vPro™ and Intel® My WiFi Technology support.

Greater Network Compatibility: Dual Band allows connectivity at 2.4 GHz to access older 802.11b/g networks and 5 GHz for higher speeds and greater network capacity. A broad range of support for all popular security protocols and Cisco Compatible Extensions v4 means connecting to a wireless network is smooth and easy.

Up to 2x greater range: Featuring MIMO, diversity and support for the multiple antennae inside the Sahara Slate PC, reduces the number of “dead zones”, network reconnects, and dropped data packets; dramatically improves connectivity and enables more consistent coverage in the enterprise.

Low Power: Optimized power modes (sleep states) reduce power consumption during periods of inactivity enabling long battery life for greater mobility.

Enterprise Ready: Supports Intel® vPro™ technology, Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), and Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software for advanced Wi-Fi client manageability, improved security, and streamlined deployment. IT managers are able to remotely discover, heal, and protect wireless Tablet PCs regardless of the functional state of the operating system which can result in reduced on-site support costs with less employee downtime.

Intel® My WiFi Technology: Sync, transfer, and share with your smart phone, printer, camera, and other Wi-Fi devices — no cables or hotspots needed.

Optimized for Intel Processors: The Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200 wireless networking adapter leverages Intel® processor capabilities to deliver smarter performance.

Wirelessly Connect to TVs and Projectors

Your PC content on your HDTV or digital projector, without wires. Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi) makes it easy to wirelessly project content from your Sahara Slate PC i500 on to your HDTV or digital projector. With Intel® Wireless Display technology, you can sit back and experience videos, photos, presentations and music on your HDTV with up to the Sahara Slate PC i500's full 1280x800 screen resolution and with crystal clear stereo sound. There's no more crowding around your Tablet PC's screen and no more cables stringing across your room to share your PC content with co-workers. Surf the Web, watch videos, give PowerPoint presentations and use Intel® Wireless Display to easily and wirelessly watch it all on your big screen.

And with Intel® Wireless Display, first-time setup is hassle free. Connect a WiDi adapter to your TV or projector, complete the simple set-up process once, and you're off and running. There's no need to go through the cumbersome process of adding a device to your network, it just works. Once setup, you can use Intel® Wireless Display to control the experience from your Sahara Slate PC i500 with the simple tap of a button.

Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth® technology is a short-range wireless radio technology that allows a broad range of electronic devices such as keyboards, mice, headphones and printers to connect and communicate wirelessly over distances of up to 10m. Integrated Bluetooth means smart, wireless connectivity from your Sahara Slate PC to a wide variety of peripherals, even stethoscopes, for ultimate mobility and flexibility.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

The Sahara Slate PC i500 features a built-in biometric fingerprint reader that eliminates the need to manage multiple passwords that access network resources, simplifying system log-ins and managing Internet accounts. With a simple finger swipe, you will be able to quickly and more safely log onto protected systems and online accounts. Fingerprint authentication makes even Domain login simple and secure... especially when standing or walking around.

Enhanced Data Security with TPM

Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) helps proactively establish more trusted relationships for remote or local access through secure user authentication and machine attestation. TPM chips protect encryption keys and digital signature keys to maintain data confidentiality and integrity. TPM chips are designed to protect key operations and other security tasks that would otherwise be performed on unprotected interfaces in unprotected communications. Especially important, TPM chips are specifically designed to protect platform and user authentication information from software-based attacks. They are designed to enhance platform security beyond the capabilities of software-only solutions.

Pair the Sahara Slate PC i500 with Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate and the BitLocker Full Drive Encryption technology will use the TPM to generate and store its key to make your data even safer than with the software alone.

TPM solutions can help play a strong role in assuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect medical records, as well as Graham-Leech-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulations that impose strict privacy and security requirements.

Connect in More Ways than with Any Other Tablet

As a true PC, the Sahara Slate PC i500 features an array of standard Input/Output ports that are critical for real-world business productivity. These include two full-sized USB 2.0 HighSpeed ports, a 6-pin Firewire IEEE 1394a port, a combination eSATA (300 Mbps) + USB 2.0 Highspeed port, Gigabit Ethernet, standard 3.5mm stereo audio in and separate 3.5mm audio out, and a DisplayPort++ digital video port with optional embedded LPCM audio for the highest resolution and highest quality digital video signal possible. Cameras, smartphones, HDTVs, video projectors, audio microphones, stereo headphones, external hard drives, media card readers, networking switches, and even 30 inch computer monitors, can all be hooked up to the Sahara Slate PC i500... many simultaneously!

Super-High Resolution Digital Video Out

Want to hook up your Tablet PC to an external monitor to mirror or extend your desktop? The DisplayPort video out on the Sahara Slate PC i500 delivers a true digital display experience at resolutions up to 2560 x 1600. With multiple display format support from a single connector, and optimized refresh rates, resolution and color depths, DisplayPort delivers the performance needed to get the most out today's technologies like Blu-Ray or advanced 3-D imaging. It is HDCP compliant, requires less energy than previous video technologies, and is compatible with monitors and projectors that use older technologies such as DVI, HDMI and VGA (using low cost, optional adapters and cables).

DisplayPort can run up to 15 meters (49.21 feet) without requiring signal boosters. This makes DisplayPort the perfect choice for conference room projectors, digital displays and remote PC applications. With lower EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) rates than other digital display interface technologies, DisplayPort is also ideally suited for the sensitive environments often used for Medical Imaging. Lastly, DisplayPort delivers every pixel directly to the display without compression providing the highest fidelity and most accurate image production possible.

Bigger Screen, Larger Desktop, Viewable Outdoors

The Sahara Slate PC i500 offers an indisputable edge for professionals looking to maximize work space real estate in an ergonomically designed mobile device. Featuring a full 12.1 inch, LED backlit LCD with 180° viewing angle and 1280x800 HD 16x9 wide screen display; spreadsheets, web pages and e-mail are easier to read while videos and photos look bright and crisp. Unlike traditional CFL displays, LED backlighting means you have a beautiful, full uniformly bright image that takes virtually no time to display. Lastly, with its AFFS+ SUN-BRITE™ sunlight enhanced display, you can use your Sahara Slate PC no matter where you go, inside or out.

Interact with Pen or Touch or Both

Tablet PCs with touch screens and digitizers offer a more ergonomic "on-the-go" computing experience than a standard laptop. Due to their unique form factor, slate-style tablets with these input screens reduce the space required to operate the computer when compared to systems using a traditional mouse, trackpad or keyboard. In addition, they offer a more natural and intuitive user interface experience, especially while standing up or walking around.

Active digitizers use a pen for input which offers mouse-like pointer interaction and support for Digital Inking Technology's highly accurate handwriting recognition and signature capture. Touch screens work simply with the input tool you've been using since you were born—a finger—allowing you to point to and tap on whatever you want to use. The Sahara Slate PC can be equipped with either of these screen technologies or both together in an intelligently designed panel that automatically senses which type of input you want to use and switches modes automatically for maximum convenience and efficiency.

The active digitizer for pen input on the Sahara Slate PC is manufactured by the world's leader in pen computing technology, Wacom. These digitizers are highly accurate, compatible with all leading imaging and design software, and are the number one choice of tablet input for artists and designers worldwide. Additionally, Wacom electromagnetic active digitizers do not require a battery powered pen to operate—like some other manufacturers' digitizers—which further supports true mobility in the field. Digitizers are a superior solution for detailed drawing, handwriting recognition and signature capture, and support adjustable pressure sensitivity for total flexibility.

Additionally, Sahara Slate PC i500 series are the only Tablet PCs available with a dual mode screen that features both an active digitizer along with either a passive resistive 5-wire touch screen (for maximum input flexibility and usability) or a projective capacitive touch screen (that supports feather light touch input and multi-touch capabilities). This means that you can standardize your installation on one Tablet PC platform and outfit each system with the type of screen that best fits your users' specific needs.

Virtually Unlimited Battery Power

Unlike consumer tablets that offer embedded, non-removable batteries, the Sahara Slate PC i500 uses two user-replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that are hot swappable. This means not only can you potentially run your Sahara Slate PC i500 continuously for a virtually unlimited amount of time, you don't even have to power down or put the system into hibernation mode to swap out used batteries for fresh, charged ones. Just like with a digital camera, pack some extra batteries with you on the road and you'll never have to worry about your system powering down at a critical point on your job, saving time, effort and maximizing productivity.

TabletKiosk Modular Expansion System

Extra features and peripherals used in specialized industries—such as hospitality, retail sales and healthcare—can really drive up the expense when purchasing a computer. Additionally, what works for one company might not work for another. So why should you pay for something you'll never need or use? That's why TabletKiosk launched its Modular Expansion System a few years ago and has migrated these same peripherals over to the new Sahara Slate PC i500.

With the TabletKiosk Modular Expansion System you have the option of integrating the add-on modules you need; such as a Magnetic Stripe Reader, 3G WWAN Data Module or 2D/1D Barcode Scanner. Additionally, the specifications of the TabletKiosk Modular Expansion port are available, at no cost, to partners who want to create their own custom modules. This means that even companies with a need for highly specific functionality can use a Sahara Slate PC to get the job done.

User Upgradeable Memory and Storage

Thought you had purchased your Sahara Slate PC with enough memory? Enough data storage? Discovered later that you didn't? Perhaps, you are now running more applications simultaneously than you had envisioned when you first made your purchase and you wish you had more system memory? Can't stand waiting for your system to boot up? Perhaps it's time to upgrade that hard drive to a much speedier Solid State Drive.

With consumer grade tablets you'd likely need to purchase a whole new system if you wanted more storage or memory. That quickly translates to unexpected costs and lower return on your investment. The Sahara Slate PC i500 features user accessible and upgradeable memory and storage, so doubling that 4.0 GB to 8.0 GB or swapping out that 500 GB HDD for a larger 1.0 TB HDD or even an ultra-fast Solid State Drive is no problem. Sahara Slate PCs are designed to scale to meet your increasing technological demands.

Quality, Reliability and Expert Service

As one of the original pioneers of true tablet technology, TabletKiosk has been selling enterprise class, slate-style Tablet PCs since 2003. The Sahara Slate PC i500 represents the fourth generation of the Sahara Slate PC brand. As enterprise class devices, Sahara Slate PCs are exceptionally stable and are designed to run reliably for many years. The average product lifecycle of a TabletKiosk device is 36 months (by comparison, the average lifecycle for many consumer devices ranges from 6 – 18 months). That means that if you deploy TabletKiosk systems today and decide to purchase additional units at a later date, you'll still be able to get the same model, minimizing additional IT expenses integrating and testing a whole new platform.

All Sahara Slate PCs undergo stringent quality control from the day they are originally built to the day they are shipped to the customer. This starts at the factory, where they are fabricated and then hand-assembled. Then, before leaving the factory, all units are subjected to both a hand inspection and 24 hour burn-in testing. They are then inspected again by our TabletKiosk QC staff in Taiwan before they are shipped to our warehouse in the United States.

Once in the US, all Tablet PCs are inspected for shipping damage and then configured to exact customer specifications. The units then undergo a final QC test before being packaged up and shipped through our authorized distribution channel.

Should customers encounter any technical issues with their Sahara Slate PC, they can call TabletKiosk's technical support team located in the corporate offices in Torrance, California to obtain assistance from a knowledgeable and courteous company employee. Support personnel work on TabletKiosk products, and only TabletKiosk products all day, every day. TabletKiosk does not outsource any of its support to third party help desk services. At TabletKiosk, our goal is to provide you with stellar, first class support for an excellent overall customer experience.

For additional configuration and pricing information
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